Thursday, December 22, 2011

Over US$ 1 Billion Going into Australian Farmland Investment - This is One of the Best investments on the Planet!

We have come across extremely interest news regarding Australia, which provides further validation of GreenWorld BVI's Australia farmland investment. According to an article in the Australian press, there is approximately US$1.6 billion that will be flowing into Australian farmland imminently. The three investors putting money into Australian farmland are a UK fund that is putting in US$400 million; legendary commodities investor Jim Rogers who is using a rural land fund that has US$600 million into the pipeline; and an Australian government pension fund called called Future Fund. That is US$1.6 billion in high-end institutional money ready to go! We truly feel that this is one of the best farmland investments in the world.

This will provide tremendous price support for this existing Australian farmland investment which is already running successfully, harvesting wheat and paying dividends. Dividends are targeted at 9% yearly. Please contact us at if you are interested to learn more!! Needless to say, with US$1.6 billion about to flow into the sector, substantial increases in the capital value of farmland is on offer as well. On a final note, the Australian wheat harvest in Q1 of next year is expected to be a bumper crop, meaning the dividends on offer to investors who buy in now are quite prospective. And again, as per our previous post on the amazingly low valuations of Australian farmland make it one of the best opportunities on the planet in our humble view.

FINALLY, last but not least, this project is fully SIPP eligible. Due diligence on the project has also been done by an independent consultancy which is itself regulated by the UK FSA. The consultancy has verified the project and produced a very positive report on it. We strongly encourage interested investors to contact us immediately before the Q1 wheat harvest at and we are happy to provide some overview documents on the project.

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