Friday, June 29, 2012

Australian Farmland and Agriculture Booming

Jim Rogers speaks in China on Investing in Australian Farmland
As we have mentioned earlier, we believe that Australian farmland is one of the best investing opportunities in the world of commodities today.  For a review of why this is the case, please review our earlier blog post.
Now we have a  high profile investing site that feels the same way.  In an article entitled "Food - The Next Commodities Boom for Australia, the global investing website CNBC notes that Australian agriculture agriculture is the next big Australian commodity that will boom.

As our earlier blog post above noted, a number of large investors, including famous commodities investor Jim Rogers, have been buying into Australian farmland.  With the price of farmland in Australia only a fraction of that in the US and Europe, farmland is a fantastic way to access the Australian agriculture sector.  GreenWorld offers a wheat farmland investment in Australia, which allows individual investors to follow a legend like Jim Rogers into the asset class.

To read more about this investment as well as see the CNBC article on Australian agriculture, please visit our website and the information on our Australian farmland investment.

Feel free to contact us at for additional information on how and why you might want to invest in this project.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Purchase of Rice Proof of the Long Term Value of African Farmland Investment

African farmland investment  benefits from high price for rice
There was good news out of the Middle East for those interested in farmland investment opportunities in Africa.  As this story shows, Iraq recently purchased 100,000 tons of rice on the world market.  This indicates continued demand for one of the world's food staples.

From our perspective, this is very good news for GreenWorld's African farmland project.  Our farmland investment in Africa is located in the country of Sierra Leone, and the main crop is rice.  The low price of African agricultural land means that the yearly dividends from the sale of the rice crop have the potential to be extremely high.  The target yearly dividend in fact is 15%.  The project paid out a 16.2% dividend last year, and looks to pay out just around 15% this year.

Contact if you are interested in this unique farmland investment opportunity.

Monday, June 4, 2012

More information on Hedging Against Inflation - Again, Consider Agriculture and Farmland Investments

European farmland investments - an ideal hedge against inflation
There have been a number of articles arguing that one way to hedge against inflation is to use Inflation linked bonds.  That is one option, but if you as an investor do that you are still subjecting yourself to credit risk from the government and your investment will still fluctuate daily in the bond market.

As we have suggested a number of times before - most recently in this post here - we believe agriculture investments are a far better way to hedge against inflation.  Like legendary investor Jim Rogers, we believe farmland investments are the ideal inflation hedge.  Farmland investments have a high positive correlation to inflation - and indeed farmland is often described as "gold with yield" - which is why Jim Rogers frequently advocates farmland as an investment.  Jim Rogers that the agriculture investments sector will be the place to be in the decades ahead, especially as we run out of farmers.  

Whilst many people believe that only large institutional investors can access the farmland access class, as we explained earlier it is now possible for individuals to invest in farmland as well!  To learn more about GreenWorld's options for investing in farmland, please contact us at or ring us on  +44-20-3286-2975.  GreenWorld offers two new agricultural land investments, our farmland investment in Europe and our African farmland investment

Friday, June 1, 2012

Another Reason to Follow Jim Rogers into Alternative Agriculture Investments - Soaring Food Prices

Investment in farmland justified by high food prices
As we have noted in a number of previous posts - including here and here -  our all time favorite investor Jim Rogers has frequently opined on the fantastic long-term growth prospects of agriculture and farmland investments.  For those who need more convincing, consider the long term trend in global food prices.

After remaining largely flat from 1990 - 2005, they have exploded the last few years and we at GreenWorld continue to expect them to trend higher.  From a political perspective, an unfortunate side effect of high food prices has been political instability in many developing countries, as citizens demand that their governments' solve this problem.  From an investing perspective however, savvy investors who look at global macro trends can easily see that this situation offers a powerful rationale for investing in agriculture and farmland.  For those interested in following Jim Rogers into farmland investments, GreenWorld have recently launched two new agricultural land investments, our farmland investment in Europe and our African farmland investment.