Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Purchase of Rice Proof of the Long Term Value of African Farmland Investment

African farmland investment  benefits from high price for rice
There was good news out of the Middle East for those interested in farmland investment opportunities in Africa.  As this story shows, Iraq recently purchased 100,000 tons of rice on the world market.  This indicates continued demand for one of the world's food staples.

From our perspective, this is very good news for GreenWorld's African farmland project.  Our farmland investment in Africa is located in the country of Sierra Leone, and the main crop is rice.  The low price of African agricultural land means that the yearly dividends from the sale of the rice crop have the potential to be extremely high.  The target yearly dividend in fact is 15%.  The project paid out a 16.2% dividend last year, and looks to pay out just around 15% this year.

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