Friday, August 31, 2012

Farmland Investments Will Provide High Dividend Yields as Food Prices Soar

High food prices=High Yield Farmland Investments
Global food prices were up a full 10% in July.  Really, the equation on food prices is quite simple.  Global population continues to rise.  Its' just gone past 7 billion and will hit at least 9 billion by 2050.  Meanwhile, for a variety of reasons (mostly due to development and climate), arable land is shrinking.  This means, more food needs to be grown on less farmland, full stop.  From a macro perspective, this no doubt makes agriculture and farmland investments one of the great investment opportunities of the next decade.  Indeed, the high food prices are tied to the high price of agricultural commodity crops such as wheat, and the high price for the crops mean that the underlying farmland investments will yield quite high dividends.   

Not surprisingly, there has been a huge amount of institutional money flowing into farmland, even as far afoot as places like Africa, as that continent possesses 60pc of the world's unused arable land.  In addition, we have also observed famously successful investors such as George Soros and Jim Rogers investing in farmland.  Jim Rogers in fact has opened a number of farmland funds.  Whilst Rogers' farmland funds are targeted at high net worth and institutional investors, GreenWorld is pleased to offer farmland invests to retail investors.  For those who are looking for high yielding investments, farmland is the perfect option!  Below are GreenWorld's three farmland investment options - please contact us at for additional information!
Farmland investment in Africa

Farmland investment in Europe

Farmland investment in Australia

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good News for Jim Rogers' Australian Farmland Fund - And Also for GreenWorld's Australian Farmland Investment

Australian Farmland - Now Available for Retail Investors

As unpredictable weather continues to bedevil the world's key wheat producing regions, analysts increasingly expect wheat prices to soar.  This is excellent news for the Jim Rogers Australian farmland fund.  

We at GreenWorld are longtime huge fans of Rogers and believe his analysis on agriculture investments to spot on.  Of course, like all farmland investment funds, Rogers Australian fund is targeted at high net worth individuals.  GreenWorld, however, affords retail investors the opportunity to invest in farmland exactly like Jim Rogers'.  Our Australian farmland project is targeted at retail investors, with a minimum investment requirement of only £20,000.  The project targets yearly dividends of approximately 9%, and also offers excellent upside potential for capital gains.  In fact, we have two agricultural land investments producing wheat as the primary crop:

Australian Farmland

European Farmland

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

GreenWorld's European Farmland Investment To Benefit As Wheat Prices Soar

Farmland investments - like Gold but with a real dividend!

For those interested in farmland investments, it is well worth considering that the price of wheat is continuing to soar.  As this article notes, wheat prices continue to stay high.  Of course, one can always invest in an ETF that tries to track the price of wheat or other grain commodities.  However, these ETF are subject to extraordinary manipulation, and as financial assets also involve real risk involved in the solvency of the bank behind the ETF offering.  

As we have noted in a previous post, the best way to play the high price of agricultural commodities such as wheat is through investments in farmland.  Luckily, GreenWorld has an excellent new wheat farmland investment in Europe to play this trend.  Our European farmland project is located in the new EU country of Lithuania, and the project just paid its first dividend yield to investors of 10%.  Farmland in Lithania is priced significantly below farmland in the neighboring Nordic countries, and as Lithuanian farmland prices gradually converge with those of the richer EU countries, our European farmland investment offers excellent upside potential for the increase in the capital value of your investment.  

The interest in this European farmland project has been extremely high and the number of acres available is limited, so if you are interested, please visit our website and contact us at 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Farmland Investments Driven by Countries' Concerns About Food Security

Hot dry climate drives UAE investment in farmland overseas

One thing we at GreenWorld have noticed is a trend the last several several years of countries becoming increasingly concerned with the issue of food security.  We already discussed in a previous post how China's concerns about food security are driving it to make huge purchases of farmland overseas in places like Australia (we also noted in a previous post how one of Jim Rogers" farmland investment funds focuses on Australian farmland).

Another country that is concerned about food security is the UAE in the Persian Gulf.  The amount of food consumed in the UAE is going up at a rate of 12 to 14 per cent per year, amidst rise in demand for food staples by around 30 per cent.  This makes UAE government officials extremely nervous.  The UAE is of course wealthy from its' oil reserves, but its extremely hot and dry climate is not conducive to agriculture. Hence, 80% of its' food is imported, which can put them at the mercy of geo-political events globally.  Just as an example, the UAE recently purchased 1.5 million acres of farmland in Africa in Ethiopia and Sudan and also in Eastern Europe to grow food for importation back to the UAE.

Needless to say, when huge amounts of money from countries like China and the UAE are going into purchasing agricultural land overseas, this will naturally push up the prices of farmland.  This makes GreenWorld's farmland investment in Africa and farmland investment in Europe in Lithuania a great way to allow an individual investor an opportunity to benefit from this global trend.

If you would like to discuss the opportunities open to you as a retail investor to participate in these projects, please contact us at