Wednesday, August 22, 2012

GreenWorld's European Farmland Investment To Benefit As Wheat Prices Soar

Farmland investments - like Gold but with a real dividend!

For those interested in farmland investments, it is well worth considering that the price of wheat is continuing to soar.  As this article notes, wheat prices continue to stay high.  Of course, one can always invest in an ETF that tries to track the price of wheat or other grain commodities.  However, these ETF are subject to extraordinary manipulation, and as financial assets also involve real risk involved in the solvency of the bank behind the ETF offering.  

As we have noted in a previous post, the best way to play the high price of agricultural commodities such as wheat is through investments in farmland.  Luckily, GreenWorld has an excellent new wheat farmland investment in Europe to play this trend.  Our European farmland project is located in the new EU country of Lithuania, and the project just paid its first dividend yield to investors of 10%.  Farmland in Lithania is priced significantly below farmland in the neighboring Nordic countries, and as Lithuanian farmland prices gradually converge with those of the richer EU countries, our European farmland investment offers excellent upside potential for the increase in the capital value of your investment.  

The interest in this European farmland project has been extremely high and the number of acres available is limited, so if you are interested, please visit our website and contact us at 


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