Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jim Rogers Offers Two Farmland Funds - Now Retail Investors Can Also Invest in Farmland

Jim Rogers is involved with two farmland funds
Anyone who is interested in agriculture and farmland as investments will surely be familiar with the legendary Jim Rogers.  Jim as anyone knows is a huge proponent of agriculture investments.  Jim Rogers is also involved with a number of farmland funds, including one directed at Australian farmland.  Unfortunately, unless you are an extremely high net-worth investor and/or run institutional investments, Jim Rogers' Australian farmland funds will be off limits.

However, due to increasing popularity of farmland as an asset class, the market has slowly developed to the point where there are some opportunities for retail investors to own farmland directly - i.e. you can be a mini Jim Rogers!  We at GreenWorld are in the forefront of this innovation, as we have been involved with three agricultural land projects that are specifically targeted at individuals rather than institutions.  For those interested, here are GreenWorld's three farmland investment options.  Contact us at info@greenworldbvi.com for more details!

European farmland investment

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