Monday, July 30, 2012

Jim Rogers: "If You Want to Get Rich, Invest in Farmland"

Jim Rogers runs his own farmland funds
As we have noted a number of times on this blog, the legendary Jim Rogers has long been a major advocate of farmland investing - you can review a couple of our posts on Rogers and farmland here and here.  In a recent article on the website Money Morning, the subject of Jim Rogers and farmland was again highlighted.

The article notes that Rogers believes the farmland investment story is still "only in the thired inning", and has a long way left to run.   Rogers is also quoted in the article saying as follows:
"It's the farmers, the producers, who are going to be in the captain's seat when the prices go through the roof."
What we at GreenWorld like about Rogers' advocacy of agricultural land is he is not just advising on it, but also putting his own money into the asset class through two farmland investment funds, including one farmland fund in Australia.  Luckily for individuals, there are now opportunities to invest directly in farmland themselves, as a number of unique projects have opened up globally for retail investors in farmland.  GreenWorld is proud to be part of this trend, as we offer the following three farmland investments:

African farmland investment
European farmland investment
Australian farmland investment

Here is the link to the Money Morning article on Jim Rogers and farmland.  Please contact us at for additional information in how you can participate in these projects. 

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