Friday, July 13, 2012

The Next Big Commodities Boom: Australian Agriculture and Farmland Investments

Undervalued Australian Farmland
As we have noted in a number of previous posts such as this one, we have long believed that Australian farmland is one of the great undervalued investments available in 2012.  Legendary investor Jim Rogers, a huge proponent of farmland as an alternative agriculture investment, also clearly believes in the Australian agriculture story.

It is always good to see validation of one's views, and so here is an article from a major financial site entitled "Food: The Next Commodities Boom for Australia".  The article basically lays out how Australian agriculture is joining energy and mining as another booming  commodities sector in Australia.  As the article notes, the boom in Australian agriculture is partially driven by demand in China due to the shrinkage of Chinese arable farmland.  For those interested in better understanding the connection between the loss of arable land and the increasing value of farmland, here is an article we recently published on Technorati.

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