Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Use Farmland Investing as an Inflation Hedge as a Major Financial Magazine Calls for ECB to Print Euros

In our previous post, we noted that investors should consider using farmland as a hedge against inflation.  Now, we see a major financial magazine in the US explicitly calling for the ECB to print Euros.   This is actually pretty scary stuff in our opinion, especially if you consider the already swollen ECB balance sheet below.  As we noted previously, Jim Rogers loves farmland investments as an inflation hedge, and we at GreenWorld believe that this same option for using farmland as alternative agriculture investments should be available to retail investors.  If you want to pursue this option, consider one of GreenWorld's farmland investing options: African Farmland Investment or European Farmland Investment in Lithuania.

European Central Bank has already printed huge amounts of new money - make sure to hedge against inflation


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Farmland as an Investment to Hedge Against Inflation

In looking for a reason that farmland as an investment makes good sense, consider the graph below.  As is clearly seen, the balance sheets of central banks have trended steadily upwards that last few years.  It seems inevitable that at some point all of this newly created money will enter the real economy.  Farmland investments provide an excellent way to hedge against inflation, as farmland is a real, tangible asset, and no more of it can be be printed into existence by central banks.  As we discussed in our post introducing farmland as an investment, we pointed out that in addition to acting as an excellent inflation hedge, farmland also provides regular income and is an excellent way to play the continued high prices of agricultural commodities.  Whilst investments in farmland have previously been limited to institutional investors, as we pointed out in a previous post on this blog, it is now possible for retail investors to invest in farmland too!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jim Rogers: "If you're smart, put your money into anything related to agriculture"

Jim Rogers in UAE - Buy Agriculture and Farmland
Jim Rogers was in the UAE recently, and he recently gave an interview with the newspaper Gulf News.  Once again, Jim Rogers turned to agriculture and farmland investments as his top recommendation.  In his typical fashion, Jim Rogers again noted that agriculture and farmland as an investment is a great value:
"Nobody wants to farm any more. Yet there are more people than even now. Seven billion of us....Fewer and fewer people are producing more and more food for more and more of us. That's only going to get worse over the next 20 or 30 years. So if you're smart, put your money into anything related to agriculture."
Not surprisingly, there have been a number of farmland investment funds opened recently (see yesterday's post on the newest farmland fund launched), as institutional investors pile into the asset class.  There are also agricultural farmland investments open to individuals now.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Farmland Investment Fund "The Future of Institutional Investing" - Institutional Investor Magazine

Andra AP-fonden
Swedish farmland fund investor AP2
We recently came across a very interesting article in the magazine Institutional Investor.  The article, written by a senior research associate at Oxford University, notes that the huge pension fund in TIAA-CREF in the United States has recently launched a new farmland investment fund called TIAA-CREF Global Agriculture.  The fund is capitalized by a number of large Canadian and European institutional investors, including AP2 in Sweden, British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (bcIMC) in Canada, and  Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (Caisse) in Canada. 

What we found interesting is that one of the areas where the new fund will invest is in Australian farmland, which makes sense from our perspective as GreenWorld have long seen fantastic value in Australian agriculture investments, which we discussed in a previous post.  As our previous post notes, long time agriculture and farmland investor Jim Rogers also has a farmland fund company focused on Australian farming and agricultural land.

Whilst the TIAA and the Jim Rogers farmland funds are obviously focused on huge institutional investors, GreenWorld's projects - such as our farmland investment in Lithuania in Eastern Europe and our African farmland investment - have low enough minimums that they are easily accessible by individual investors.  For those with UK SIPPs, all of GreenWorld's farmland investments are SIPP eligible.

For those interested, here is the link to the article for the new TIAA farmland fund.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Benefit from Farmland Investments as Wheat Price Skyrockets

Wheat Farmland Investments Benefit from Price of Wheat
As we have mentioned before, GreenWorld offer two investments in farmland where the anchor crop involved is wheat.  These two are:  
Most of the investment opportunities in farmland are actually designed as farmland funds, usually hedge funds with huge minimum investment requirements as well as the usual the usual 2% management fee plus 20% of the profits.  All of GreenWorld's investments in farmland, by contrast, are targeted at individuals with low enough minimums that retail investors can participate, AND there are no ongoing costs whatsoever.

The reason we mention our two wheat farmland investments now is that the price of wheat has shot to the moon, up 17% just in the last week.  6From the perspective of those investing in farmland that produces wheat as its core crop, this naturally presents an opportunity to obtain a much higher dividend yield when the crop is sold into the marketplace.   For those not interested in running a farm, we have mentioned previously the fact that GreenWorld's farmland investments are purely passive ones, with everything from the planting to the sale of crops done for the investor.

Please feel free to contact us at if you are interested to participate in the explosive price gains in wheat through our wheat farmland investments.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Farmland Investment in Central Europe

Invest in farmland in the new EU country of Lithuania
One excellent area to consider investing in farmland are the new EU countries of central and Eastern Europe.  In many of these countries, the price of agricultural land is well below that of the richer EU countries, and over time as incomes gradually converge the value of farmland will slowly rise as well.  In addition, the new EU countries are receiving substantial subsidies from Brussels for their agriculture sectors, which will greatly help increase the value of farmland in the region.  Here are some highlights of GreenWorld's investment in European farmland:

• The farmland investment is in Lithuania.
• It involves direct ownership of farmland.  This is not an agriculture stock fund or the like, but actual ownership of farmland, allowing you to follow Jim Rogers and other farmland investors into this asset class.
• This is a purely passive investment.  Everything from the planting to the cultivation to the sale of the crop is done for you by the farm managers.
• Track record - the land forms part of a farm which has been farmed profitably for 10 years.
• The land is substantially undervalued when compared to similar EU countries.
• The main crop produced from the land is wheat, which is in a long-term upward trend and is one of Jim Rogers' favorite commodities to own for the next 10-20 years.
• There is a shortage of food and world food consumption is set to double by 2050.
• Investments start from just £5,325/US$8,300 an acre (including the cultivation fee).

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jim Rogers - Play High Agriculture Prices by Investing in Farmland

Jim Rogers
Jim Rogers: "Invest in Agriculture and Farmland" 
A recent article in the Wall Street Journal noted that legendary commodities investor and agriculture investing proponent Jim Rogers recently spoke at the Global AgInvesting conference, at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York.  Speaking to the  audience on the theme of investing in agriculture, Rogers noted that farmland investments were a great way to take advantage of  the agricultural investing theme.  According to the article in the Wall Street Journal:
Farmland has become a popular asset class among investors. By owning a piece of agricultural land, investors expect to see cash flows based on the proceeds. But it requires a big upfront investment and is not exactly liquid. To fill that void, many farmland investment companies are being set up to attract those who want a piece of the land but don’t want the hassle of hiring farmers, planting or irrigating. Dismissing the bubble talk surrounding farmland investment, Mr. Rogers said the investment idea is probably “in its third inning.”
 As we noted in a previous post, Jim Rogers recently established an Australian farmland investment fund.  We at GreenWorld are also involved with a farmland investment in Australia.  However, whilst the Jim Rogers farmland fund is targeted at high net worth individuals, the GreenWorld Australian farmland project is targeted at individual retail investors.  GreenWorld also offers a unique farmland investment in Africa we discussed in this previous post, as well as a farmland investment in Europe.  For those interested in exploring any of GreenWorld's farmland investments, please contact us at or ring us on +44-20-3286-2975.

For those interested, here is the article from the Wall Street Journal on Jim Rogers and farmland.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Summary of GreenWorld's High Dividend Farmland Investment in Africa

Profitable Farm Farmland Investment in Africa - An Overview
    Project is a SIPP Eligible Investment
    Leasehold title registered in investor's name - DIRECT Ownership of farmland, not just a farmland fund
    Projected dividend income yield targets 15pc per year from rice harvests - the last harvest produced a dividend yield to investors of 16.2%
    Annual appreciation in the value of the farmland targets 7pc per annum.
    Currently over 50,000 acres of farmland under management
    Non-cyclical investment – excellent diversification from a traditional portfolio of stocks and bonds

Interested?  Contact or ring us on +44-20-3286-2975

High Income Yielding GreenWorld Rice Farmland Investment in Africa