Saturday, May 19, 2012

Farmland Investment in Central Europe

Invest in farmland in the new EU country of Lithuania
One excellent area to consider investing in farmland are the new EU countries of central and Eastern Europe.  In many of these countries, the price of agricultural land is well below that of the richer EU countries, and over time as incomes gradually converge the value of farmland will slowly rise as well.  In addition, the new EU countries are receiving substantial subsidies from Brussels for their agriculture sectors, which will greatly help increase the value of farmland in the region.  Here are some highlights of GreenWorld's investment in European farmland:

• The farmland investment is in Lithuania.
• It involves direct ownership of farmland.  This is not an agriculture stock fund or the like, but actual ownership of farmland, allowing you to follow Jim Rogers and other farmland investors into this asset class.
• This is a purely passive investment.  Everything from the planting to the cultivation to the sale of the crop is done for you by the farm managers.
• Track record - the land forms part of a farm which has been farmed profitably for 10 years.
• The land is substantially undervalued when compared to similar EU countries.
• The main crop produced from the land is wheat, which is in a long-term upward trend and is one of Jim Rogers' favorite commodities to own for the next 10-20 years.
• There is a shortage of food and world food consumption is set to double by 2050.
• Investments start from just £5,325/US$8,300 an acre (including the cultivation fee).


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