Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Use Farmland Investing as an Inflation Hedge as a Major Financial Magazine Calls for ECB to Print Euros

In our previous post, we noted that investors should consider using farmland as a hedge against inflation.  Now, we see a major financial magazine in the US explicitly calling for the ECB to print Euros.   This is actually pretty scary stuff in our opinion, especially if you consider the already swollen ECB balance sheet below.  As we noted previously, Jim Rogers loves farmland investments as an inflation hedge, and we at GreenWorld believe that this same option for using farmland as alternative agriculture investments should be available to retail investors.  If you want to pursue this option, consider one of GreenWorld's farmland investing options: African Farmland Investment or European Farmland Investment in Lithuania.

European Central Bank has already printed huge amounts of new money - make sure to hedge against inflation


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