Friday, June 1, 2012

Another Reason to Follow Jim Rogers into Alternative Agriculture Investments - Soaring Food Prices

Investment in farmland justified by high food prices
As we have noted in a number of previous posts - including here and here -  our all time favorite investor Jim Rogers has frequently opined on the fantastic long-term growth prospects of agriculture and farmland investments.  For those who need more convincing, consider the long term trend in global food prices.

After remaining largely flat from 1990 - 2005, they have exploded the last few years and we at GreenWorld continue to expect them to trend higher.  From a political perspective, an unfortunate side effect of high food prices has been political instability in many developing countries, as citizens demand that their governments' solve this problem.  From an investing perspective however, savvy investors who look at global macro trends can easily see that this situation offers a powerful rationale for investing in agriculture and farmland.  For those interested in following Jim Rogers into farmland investments, GreenWorld have recently launched two new agricultural land investments, our farmland investment in Europe and our African farmland investment. 

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