Monday, May 21, 2012

Benefit from Farmland Investments as Wheat Price Skyrockets

Wheat Farmland Investments Benefit from Price of Wheat
As we have mentioned before, GreenWorld offer two investments in farmland where the anchor crop involved is wheat.  These two are:  
Most of the investment opportunities in farmland are actually designed as farmland funds, usually hedge funds with huge minimum investment requirements as well as the usual the usual 2% management fee plus 20% of the profits.  All of GreenWorld's investments in farmland, by contrast, are targeted at individuals with low enough minimums that retail investors can participate, AND there are no ongoing costs whatsoever.

The reason we mention our two wheat farmland investments now is that the price of wheat has shot to the moon, up 17% just in the last week.  6From the perspective of those investing in farmland that produces wheat as its core crop, this naturally presents an opportunity to obtain a much higher dividend yield when the crop is sold into the marketplace.   For those not interested in running a farm, we have mentioned previously the fact that GreenWorld's farmland investments are purely passive ones, with everything from the planting to the sale of crops done for the investor.

Please feel free to contact us at if you are interested to participate in the explosive price gains in wheat through our wheat farmland investments.

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