Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good News for Jim Rogers' Australian Farmland Fund - And Also for GreenWorld's Australian Farmland Investment

Australian Farmland - Now Available for Retail Investors

As unpredictable weather continues to bedevil the world's key wheat producing regions, analysts increasingly expect wheat prices to soar.  This is excellent news for the Jim Rogers Australian farmland fund.  

We at GreenWorld are longtime huge fans of Rogers and believe his analysis on agriculture investments to spot on.  Of course, like all farmland investment funds, Rogers Australian fund is targeted at high net worth individuals.  GreenWorld, however, affords retail investors the opportunity to invest in farmland exactly like Jim Rogers'.  Our Australian farmland project is targeted at retail investors, with a minimum investment requirement of only £20,000.  The project targets yearly dividends of approximately 9%, and also offers excellent upside potential for capital gains.  In fact, we have two agricultural land investments producing wheat as the primary crop:

Australian Farmland

European Farmland

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