Friday, August 31, 2012

Farmland Investments Will Provide High Dividend Yields as Food Prices Soar

High food prices=High Yield Farmland Investments
Global food prices were up a full 10% in July.  Really, the equation on food prices is quite simple.  Global population continues to rise.  Its' just gone past 7 billion and will hit at least 9 billion by 2050.  Meanwhile, for a variety of reasons (mostly due to development and climate), arable land is shrinking.  This means, more food needs to be grown on less farmland, full stop.  From a macro perspective, this no doubt makes agriculture and farmland investments one of the great investment opportunities of the next decade.  Indeed, the high food prices are tied to the high price of agricultural commodity crops such as wheat, and the high price for the crops mean that the underlying farmland investments will yield quite high dividends.   

Not surprisingly, there has been a huge amount of institutional money flowing into farmland, even as far afoot as places like Africa, as that continent possesses 60pc of the world's unused arable land.  In addition, we have also observed famously successful investors such as George Soros and Jim Rogers investing in farmland.  Jim Rogers in fact has opened a number of farmland funds.  Whilst Rogers' farmland funds are targeted at high net worth and institutional investors, GreenWorld is pleased to offer farmland invests to retail investors.  For those who are looking for high yielding investments, farmland is the perfect option!  Below are GreenWorld's three farmland investment options - please contact us at for additional information!
Farmland investment in Africa

Farmland investment in Europe

Farmland investment in Australia

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