Monday, September 10, 2012

Farmland Investments Justified By Continued High Food Prices

High wheat prices benefit GreenWorld's Lithuanian farmland investment
It looks like the price of wheat continues to remain high.  Just recently Egypt, the world's top importer, made its biggest order for wheat in years, agreeing to import 1.25 tonnes.  As you can see from the chart at right, wheat prices have continued to be on a strong upwards trend.

In our view, this continues to justify Jim Rogers' view that agriculture and farmland investments will be the commodity to be in for the next decade.  Luckily, GreenWorld has an excellent project for small retail investors to access that takes advantage of the high price of wheat and other grains.

This is our investment in European farmland.  Our farmland investment in Europe is located in the new EU country of Lithuania.  Prices of farmland in the new EU Baltic countries are only about half those in the neighboring Nordic countries.  This means there is substantial upside scope for capital gains in this Lithuanian investment.  On top of that, our European farmland investment is an excellent option for a high dividen d yield, as it just recently paid a dividend of 10%.  

Please contact us at if you are interested in adding farmland to your investment portfolio.

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