Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Farmland Hedge Fund Versus Direct Ownership of Farmland

Farmland - an excellent high yield investment
We recently came across some very interesting information about a London private equity firm called Emergent.  What was interesting was that Emergent has an African farmland fund.  It sounds great - BUT, the catch is that the minimum investment in this farmland fund is €500,000, which puts it off limits except to the very rich.

Luckily, however, for those "little guys" interested in investing in farmland there are now options available.  GreenWorld's African farmland project has a minimum investment of only £1,950, making it easily accessible for individuals to invest into.  Furthermore, our African farmland investment involves direct ownership of farmland, rather then being a hedge fund like that from Emergent.  Like most hedge funds, Emergent charges 2% of the assets under management plus 20% of the profits, meaning the Emergent farmland fund must produce superior returns to provide a reasonable profit.  GreenWorld's African farmland investment involves direct ownership of the land, however, and there are no other additional fees.  We may be a bit biased, but we believe our structure is better!  Feel free to read more about our farmland investment in Africa, as well as our European farmland investment - contact us at to discuss further!

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