Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to Invest in Farmland?

The macro case for farmland investment is quite clear
Let's say you want to invest in farmland like Jim Rogers.  You may also have noticed that farmland investing has also become a huge trend among large institutional investors such as pension funds.  What would be the next steps?  As we have mentioned previously, Jim Rogers is involved with a couple of farmland investment funds, but even if you are a big fan of Jim's like we at GreenWorld are, these farmland funds are targeted at the very wealthy, with minimum investment requirements no doubt in the hundreds of thousands.

The good news is, as we have discussed previously, in just the last two years a number of options have been developed for individuals. The most common is to pool a number of individual investors' capital together to purchase a large parcel of land, and then divide it into individual freehold parcels. Farmland investments for individuals generally pay a regular yearly dividend from the sale of crops, and also provide the opportunity for long-term capital gains as farmland continues to increase in value.  

The nice thing about this approach is that it also provides retail investors direct ownership of farmland.  There is no hedge fund with its' high fees involved, nor any financial fund with stocks or loans or other risky assets.  You as the investor can own high quality farmland in emerging markets such as Africa or Eastern Europe.  Dividends so far in these projects have averaged between 10% - 16%, and the we have already seen appreciation in the value of the underlying farmland.  If you are interested to pursue these further, GreenWorld has investing options in African farmland and European farmland.  Please contact us at for more information!


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