Thursday, October 18, 2012

GreenWorld's High Yielding African Farmland Investment Continues to See High Demand

As interest rates continue to stay at rock bottom levels in the West, investors are increasingly turning to alternative investments such as farmland to obtain higher yields then those available in traditional savings accounts.  GreenWorld's farmland investment in Africa has continued to see high levels of demand due to this trend.  For those who may be interested, below is a summary of the african farmland project:

1)  Invest from as little as £11,250 for five acres.  Smaller investment levels may be possible in some circumstances.

2)  Estimated 12-15% annual dividend income income  In fact, the last harvest produced an average return of 14% on investment.

3)  A tangible asset held in your own name removing any default risk.  Investors will own the lease to their land – and be allocated their own field providing the investor with security.

4)  A project that is supported and accredited by the Sierra Leone government at the highest levels.

5)  So far, 1,200 acres have been cultivated.  The land is ideal for rice production but is underdeveloped and high yield farming has not been utilised in the past.  The introduction of advanced agricultural technologies has now dramatically increased the productivity - and profitability - of this farmland.

6)  The project is committed to assisting the local population through employment, food, health and education support.

7)  ALL - repeat ALL - of the rice crop is sold locally, thereby providing food security in Sierra Leone.

Please contact us at at to learn more.


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