Saturday, November 26, 2011

Farmland Investment Returns

While doing some research into into the performance of farmland in regards to our farmland investments in Eastern Europe, Australia and Africa, we came across an amazing table on the performance of farmland investments in the United States. In 20 years, farmland investments have never lost money. Think about that - through 20 years and two major bear markets - farmland has been a safe and profitable investment. And this is only US farmland, where prices are already quite high and returns will be more modest going forward. We believe our farmland investment opportunities will pay both high income as well as capital gains. Please feel free to look at each of our investments in farmland:

Farmland Investment in Africa
Farmland Investment in Europe
Farmland Investment in Australia

These all have low enough minimums that they are acsessible by retail investors, and for those in the UK they are all approved Sipp investments.

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  1. Yes i am totally agree with you because Farmland investment has been promoted to promote global food grain security. Farmland investment allows investors to diversify an investment portfolio to ensure returns through food grain production.