Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Play the Rise in Food Prices with Farmland Investments

Yes another reason to seriously consider farmland investments. The premier American newspaper New York Times is out with a long and comprehensive article on the increasing stress on global food supply. They note that the rapid growth in farm output at the end of the 20th century has slowed down dramatically and that food supply is increasingly not keeping up with population growth and the rising wealth of emerging markets countries. The article foresees a need to double the food supply in the coming year to be able to feed the planet. While there reasons for optimism in certain areas, the overall tone of the article was somewhat alarming, and one can only hope that at least it serves to concentrate the minds of any policy maker who reads it. It once again confirms the wisdom of farmland as an investment - its only common sense after all that anything there is a shortage of will rise in price.

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